Sunday, April 08, 2007

When does the PMS Cycle really start and end?

In the five years that I was on my Mirena - the dietician said that I still had a PMS cycle despite the fact that I could not see it.
I tried really hard to become aware of it but I just could not. I remembered that there were a number of benefits of knowing what was going with my bodying, emotions and sexuality in terms of my cycle.
So I was really looking forward to getting that awareness back. Maybe this time around I would be even more in tune with myself.
Well, so far it has been really hard - my cycle has been unpredictable, my emotions all muddled up, my sense of awareness......... Its now almost 7 weeks that I have been bleeding. Is my bodying cleansing itself out or is it rebelling? On Tuesday I will make a gynae appointment - A few women have told that after they came off contraceptives that they experience a long menstrual cycle 6-8 weeks. None had taken hormone tablets to stop it (I did and it did not work) - The joke is that my hormonal test showed up as normal.

I have started to wonder if I might be going through early menopause.

I have been trying to find the spirituality in this experience. It seems like most customs only celebrate your first menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But if we are all spiritual beings then each experience we have must have some great significance?
Guess I would like to think that my physical "abnormalities" or "illness" that I am experiencing is somehow significant to my existence.
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