Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Humour is good for the soul

A woman goes to the doctor for her yearly physical.

The nurse starts with certain basic items.

"How much do you weigh?" she asks.
"52 kg," she says.
The nurse puts her on the scale.

It turns out her weight is 63.

The nurse asks, "Your height?"
"1.7 m," she says.

The nurse checks and sees that she only measures 1.5m".

She then takes her blood pressure
And tells the woman it is very high.
"Of course it's high!" she screams,
"When I came in here I was tall and slender!

Now I'm short and fat!"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Saturday night Claudel and I worked on the kids party packs from 4:30 pm till midnight. I was stuck waiting for our pizza's for an hour and half. Had jared with me and he was an absolute angel.

Sunday morning Weiers and I did some work on clearing the playground area. We kick off our project this week.

Last night I worked 5 hours on our school magazine. Got up early this morning to do some planning for the week.

School was hectic and my marking is starting to pile up.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Over the last week and a half I have felt myself slowly slipping back into the dark pit of depression.
I have been battling depression for the last two years. Its scary to write my thoughts down or to say them aloud. It will make what is happening real and once that happens i will have to deal with it.
Through lots of tears this morning I started talking to my husband. I know he wont let me spiral into oblivion.
This also just confirms my suspicion that the anti-depressant I am on are not working. I really just want to go off them but I have not reached a place where I feel that i am using my other resources effectively. Going off the meds scares me - what if I get out of control and get suicidal again.

One thing is for sure the butterfly that existed is now dead and I am in the cocoon state again.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Loving yourself

"If I can't make myself happy, others can't do it for me.
If I can't make myself happy,
how can I contribute much to the happiness of others.
Why would someone want to stay in a relationship with someone who is miserable

-Dr. Stevens, PhD California State University


I re-read my post below after I was accused of "bitching".
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and your comments are welcomed.

I actually wondered if I should reveal my "embarrassing experience". Worst still the fact that it was not the first time it happened.
Then I thought again - it is possible that I not the only person in the world to have experienced this.

I hoped that by sharing my experience that someone else can learn from it. Especially if they do not go out on a regular basis to such functions and don't have credit cards to make bookings.
(Side note: the Baxter theatre actually appreciated my hearing about my experience and promised to ensure that their telephone operators are more informed and adverts less ambiguous.)

No - I am not really complaining about the theatres - I am really kicking myself for being such fool - it sucks to have your ignorance almost ruin your friends outing.

Thank goodness they are good friends. And they did spend the evening being angry with me. Ruth probably thinks I am social moron.
I have never had problems like this when I organised outings.

As I said below - I have learnt my lesson

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ladies night out

Some lesson we learn the hard way. And it is the second time in the space of 12 months that I am learning it.
Don't trust advertising by cinemas, theatres and other entertainment places. Always phone to find out if what is being advertised, is exactly as stated. Make sure you are talking to the right person and ask questions even if they sound silly.

So what am I going on about? the Nu Metro 80's night was sold out - apparently booking was essential - ("You buy your ticket to a Girls' Night Out preview exactly as you would buy any other movie ticket - at Computicket, through our website or at the cinema."). I guess I was silly to think I could turn up there on the night and get tickets as I would for any other movie.

As my students would say - "My Bad"

Claudelle, Ruth and I however enjoyed some shopping, supper at the Food Court and dessert at Lino's Bakery (divine cake - poor service). It was great to be out without the kids and to catch up with my girlfriends.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I have always suffered from seasonal hayfever at least twice a year. Now I have developed acute sinusitis. At first I thought I was pregnant, I then thought I just a summer cold. But my symptoms got worst - I felt light-headed, very tired, headaches, nausea, sore throat and lost my voice every now and then.

The nasal spray I was using has blocked my sinuses and the throat spray has offered no relief. The doctor has given me some yeast medication and something else. Told me to use 1/4 cup lukewarm water with a pinch of salt and bicarb to clear my nasal passages (not very pleasant even with the syringe)

Any advice?


My daughter was also diagnosed with chronically blocked sinuses.

Do I Have Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inflammation of the lining membrane of any sinus. Take the following quiz to see if you have sinusitis.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My red and white roses

I rearranged my Christmas present. House keeping is not one of my strong suits.

Red Roses + White Roses: An indication of bonding and harmony.

White Roses: Pure white roses symbolize truth and innocence. They also send other messages like, "I miss you," and "You're heavenly” (or both, if your loved one is away.)

Red Roses: Red roses say, "I love you." Red roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion.

I actually like to receive fresh yellow roses. I think that they are really unusual and beautiful. But according to their 'symbolic meaning' not very romantic.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses indicate friendship and freedom ― so don't send them if your intentions are romantic and long-lasting. Yellow roses are also appropriate for sending congratulations to newlyweds, graduates, and new mothers. (from Rose Meanings)

Well Weiers now that I have permanent red and white roses - occassionally fresh yellow roses can't hurt our relationship (hint, hint)

Heroism: Why Heroes are Important

Heroism: Why Heroes are Important

"....The term "hero" comes from the ancient Greeks. For them, a hero was a mortal who had done something so far beyond the normal scope of human experience that he left an immortal memory behind him when he died, and thus received worship like that due the gods. Many of these first heroes were great benefactors of humankind: Hercules, the monster killer; Asclepius, the first doctor; Dionysus, the creator of Greek fraternities. But people who had committed unthinkable crimes were also called heroes; Oedipus and Medea, for example, received divine worship after their deaths as well. Originally, heroes were not necessarily good, but they were always extraordinary; to be a hero was to expand people's sense of what was possible for a human being.

Today, it is much harder to detach the concept of heroism from morality; we only call heroes those whom we admire and wish to emulate. But still the concept retains that original link to possibility. We need heroes first and foremost because our heroes help define the limits of our aspirations. We largely define our ideals by the heroes we choose, and our ideals -- things like courage, honor, and justice -- largely define us. Our heroes are symbols for us of all the qualities we would like to possess and all the ambitions we would like to satisfy. A person who chooses Martin Luther King or Susan B. Anthony as a hero is going to have a very different sense of what human excellence involves than someone who chooses, say, Paris Hilton, or the rapper 50 Cent. And because the ideals to which we aspire do so much to determine the ways in which we behave, we all have a vested interest in each person having heroes, and in the choice of heroes each of us makes........

The best antidote to this cynicism is realism about the limits of human nature. We are cynical because so often our ideals have been betrayed. Washington and Jefferson held slaves, Martin Luther King is accused of philandering and plagiarizing, just about everybody had sex with someone they shouldn't, and so on. We need to separate out the things that make our heroes noteworthy, and forgive the shortcomings that blemish their heroic perfection. My own hero Thoreau had his share of blemishes. For instance, although he was supposed to be living totally independently out by Walden Pond, he went home to Mother on the weekends. But such carping and debunking misses the point. True, the false steps and frailties of heroic people make them more like us, and since most of us are not particularly heroic, that may seem to reduce the heroes' stature. But this dynamic pulls in the other direction as well: these magnificent spirits, these noble souls, amazingly, they are like us, they are human too. And perhaps, then, what was possible for them is possible for us. They stumbled, they wavered, they made fools of themselves - but nonetheless they rose and accomplished deeds of triumphant beauty. Perhaps we might do so too. Cynicism is too often merely an excuse for sparing ourselves the effort.

Again, the critical moral contribution of heroes is the expansion of our sense of possibility. If we most of us, as Thoreau said, live lives of quiet desperation, it is because our horizons of possibility are too cramped. Heroes can help us lift our eyes a little higher. Immanuel Kant said that "from the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made." That may well be true. But some have used that warped, knotted timber to build more boldly and beautifully than others, and we may all benefit by their examples. Heaven knows we need those examples now.
by Scott LaBarge

Monday, February 19, 2007

Thank you Aunty Kim for the cool stuff and clothes from England, France and Australia.
Can't wait till you go travelling again (GRIN)

A little too big - but no worries it wil fit me soon.

mmm... my 3 kola bears didn't come out in the pictures (sad)


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Children's Play Area

Below is a Copy of the e-mail my husband and I sent out to the students and staff of Helderberg College.

We want this to be a community project that will benefit young and old.

My learners at Helderberg High School are doing their Grade 10 Business Economics project based on how to run a Non-profit business and will be organising fundraising projects and be physically involved in the development of this Play Area.

Helderberg Children Playground

Dear Students and Staff:

We are ready to continue with our playground project again.
If you recall we have been given a piece of land next to Dr. Klingbeil's House and below Dr. Chipimpi's ho use to develop into a children's playground. (More information here).

Several people have expressed interest in this project and if you are new, you may also want to join us. Please take note of the following information and dates:


The playground area is quite large and our strategy is to take a modular approach where we raise funds for one section at a time. Each module will cater for a different age group and a different kind of activity. In the end we hope to have a play area that creates a hea lthy developmental environment for a range of children from the age of 0 - 16. This

would include the usual swings and jungle gyms, but it could also include a skate-park or a large outdoor chess board etc. (These are all suggestions and at the public meetings we will decide what our priorities are.) We need creative minds to help us develop these plans and we would welcome any suggestions and support.

Public Meetings:

28 February at 17:00 at the Helderberg College Board Room

28 March at 17:00 at the Helderberg College Board Room

Suggested Agenda for the meetings:
1. Report on Progress of the project.
2. Presentation of various development options.
3. Fundraising.
4. General input

Who should attend:
Anybody who has a general interest in the development of a children's playground at Helderberg College.

Cleaning Sessions:

We need people to help us clean the playground area. Anybody can help and even if you can help with something small it will be appreciated.

We need to:
Clear Rubble from the area.

Mow the Laws
Develop a garden
Get rid of weeds
And be as creative as possible


Sun, 25 February: 09:00 - 12:00
Sun, 4 March: 09:00 - 12:00
Wed, 21 March: 16:00 - 18:00
Sun, 25 March: 09:00 - 12:00
Sun, 1 April: 09:00 - 12:00

Kids who play are healthier. Kids who play are less likely to be obese and develop obesity-related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Kids who play do better in school. Kids who play develop the cognitive skills that are positively linked to learning and academic performance.

Kids who play, play well as adults. Kids who play build their confidence and learn the social skills that help them become happy, well-adjusted adults.


kid playThe Museum of Play

Tuffplay Structures

Safe Play Playground Equipment

Rustic Structures

Do you know of other resources that we could use as we plan this playground project. Please help us!

Sexy Chick in Gomoto Outfit

Hehe, I wonder if this title will draw a lot of readers.

My wife teaches at the local high school. They have a yearly interhouse gala. This year her team's cheerleaders chose the theme of Motorbikes and Biking Culture. They did quite a good job and the whole permiter of the pool was surrounded with Quad bikes and motorbikes.

I wasn't able to contribute my bike to the fray due to the spoke problem, but my wife decided to put on my Gomoto Jacket. I must say she looks quite good in it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dealing with failure

What keeps us from accomplishing our goals and dreams?
Most of us have a picture of what we would like to be, what we want to accomplish, how we would like to feel and look. But real life gets in the way of reaching those goals, and its life’s daily events that keep us from living that idealized life.

I wanted to keep to a new diet but have failed hopelessly. I suffered with headaches and one night with no sleep (work stress). Started a part-time job this week. This threw my whole schedule out of wack and I just could not keep track.
My hayfever and sinuses were also acting up. The end result was that I exercised 3 times this week and only kept to my diet plan for 2 out of 5 days.
But I will not give up - I must just plan how to re-adjust to my new situation.

"People are like stained
glass windows. They
sparkle and shine when
the sun is out - but when
the darkness sets in their
true beauty is revealed
only if there is a light
from within."

Elizabeth Ross

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God
who is sending a love letter to the world."
- Mother Teresa

"If you want to know the secret of good health,
set up home in your own body, and start loving
yourself when there."
- John W. Travis, M.D

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I leading the life I want to live

Jeandre' loved her gifts and her party yesterday. She was snapping away with her camera.

My chapel talk on Monday went very well. As usual the applications of the story came to me while I was talking.

I read this poem yesterday by " She's Like Heroin" it encapsulates how I feel at the moment

Evoking The Self


--------------------------i know
-------------------------------in ways
------------------------------------i am
------------------------------------i am
-----------------------------the way
---------------------to the life i want to live

Monday, February 12, 2007


Zen Quote on Love
Real love comes not from trying to solve our neediness by depending on another, but by developing our own inner richness and maturity. Then we have so much love to give that we naturally draw lovers towards us....

All togetherness is illusory. The very idea of togetherness arises because we are alone, and the aloneness hurts. We want to drown our aloneness is relationship... You have fallen in love because you cannot be alone...

I came across this quote while wondering how I share story of Cupid and Psyche in Chapel today. What lessons do we learn from this myth?

* being curious can lead to growth
* even if we listen to bad advise - Good will ultimately win
* there is always a way out (solution) of a difficult situation
("God will never test us beyond our capabilities")

or am I just fooling myself?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New leaves

This week I am starting a new eating plan, exercise plan and part time job!

The eating plan is very basic - I will eat all the food group except what is in the sweet and sugary section. I am switching to sweetner, fat-free milk and yoghurts and no more frying & no margarine.

Exercise plan is basically to do 20min of either swimming, walking, Taebo 2, Belly dance, hand weights or any aerobic video (Kathy Smith).

I will be 'teaching' English and Mathematics at Kip Mcgrath at max 3 times a week - about 3-5 lessons depending on demand. Very excited about that. The extra money I earn will be divided into two sections 60% towards our emergency fund and 40% to reward my weight loss and healthy life style.

So this caterpillar will be eating a lot of leaves in order to turn into a beautiful and fulfilled butterfly.

I am hoping that this eating will lead me to lose weight.

Current weight: 105kg
Target weight in one week: 103 kg
Target weight for the 13 March: 95kg
Long term weight goal: 62kg

Current BMI : 42.6 Target BMI: 25.15

Waist circumference: 120 cm Goal: 88cm

So why do I want to lose so much in the first month and is it realistic?
From my research and experience , initial weight loss is fast and 2kg a week is safe.
After that it will probably slow down to 0.5 -1.2 kg a week, then stagnate. I will need to up
my exercise and decrease my calorie intake (if possible).
I prefer the idea of upping my activity level.

But slowly I have had too many problems in the past with ankle injuries.

All things going well I hope to weight 71Kg by the 17 October (my birthday). and reach my target weight by 14 February 2008. Then I can pass are my big clothes over to someone else or to a Charity.

Friday, February 09, 2007

True Purpose

I believe our whole purpose on this earth is to love others with complete and true love. We certainly cannot love properly if we are hiding inside our insecurities and not really loving ourselves. Hiding behind a sea of emotions or a certain weakness will keep us from growing into the person we were meant to be. Being afraid to love others because of being hurt in the past also keeps us from trusting others enough to love.

The first step in growing out from self is to understand what your purpose, goals, ideas, and dreams in life are. Believe it or not, some folks aren't sure what their purpose and goals in life are and live in a depressed state of aimless wondering and disillusionment. But it doesn't have to be like that!

The focus here is to grow out from self by knowing first, who we are, and then secondly working towards the substance of who we are. Who are you? What are you? Where are you going? Why are you going? Find it, seek it, acknowledge it, know it, and go after it with gusto!

It’s like a caterpillar that eventually metamorphosis (grows) into a beautiful butterfly. All of God's creation has the ability to become beautiful butterflies. But not all of God's creation will become a beautiful butterfly. Why is that? A caterpillar doesn’t allow himself to be free from self. Whether it is through a weakness or fear, a caterpillar must break free from what is holding him back by realizing he can become a butterfly.

A butterfly is free from the restraints of self. A butterfly has grown out from self and now seeks to love others with all the love he has while a caterpillar is still seeking to be loved by others. Unfortunately, many caterpillars do not know they have the ability to become butterflies and so remain in their cocoon until they die off.

I encourage you to come out of your cocoon and become the butterfly you were meant to become. Learn to know who you are by having a relationship with yourself by growing out from any negativities wedged within your mental and spiritual capacities.

I encourage you to get to know who you are, because that is what God wants for you. Come out of hiding all you caterpillars in become free butterflies!Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (Angie Lewis)

Dance With the Wind

Dance With the Wind

I like to dance with the wind.

It fills my sails

and opens my heart.

My skirt flutters,

veils soar and take me on their

magic journey.

We tremble like windripples

in the chill of twilight

not lingering too long

in the break between worlds

between twilight and dark.

The sand snaps tiny biting specks

against my ankles

like bracelets, they patter me

as if I am spinning

and then realize:

I am spinning.

I know where your gate is latched

I know where your sloop is anchored

I see the string on your kite,

looping in the wind.

I fly, I cry, I dance with the wind

and echo her breathing

that fires our souls

with spiritual wanderlust

into ancient, ceaseless,

mysterious music.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The 80's

Claudelle and I are planning to go to a Girls' Night Out at Nu Metro cinemas:

February attraction, a washed-up singer is given a couple of days to compose a chart-topping hit for a teen sensation. He meets an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words! As Music and Lyrics is about a has-been 80's pop star, we dare you to attend Girl's Night Out in your 80's gear. Haul out those shoulder pads, lace leggings, pile on the eye make-up and big hair and head off for a grand night out. The best 80's outfit at each venue will win a luxury hamper!

I am thinking of wearing black tights with a big leopard top.
a Belly Dance outfit - Belly dance became quite the rave in the USA during the 80's.


I wonder

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finaly have a free period


It has been a very hectic two weeks. The problems with our internet access
and e-mail on campus is still continuing.

Got Jeandre's party invitations out. They were a big hit.
Will post picures as soon as I can. Her school party is going to be
on the 1 March with Jared. That way Claudelle and I get to share the cost.
Spiderman Theme.

On Sabbath I plan to take cup cakes to church and on her birthday she will be having
two friends over who are not in her school for a party. In the evening we will attend the grade 11's Valentines Dinner.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pregnancy scare!

I got up this morning feeling pregnant. I had missed my monthlies for 2 months.
Now I got feeling nausea,uncomfortable and ...... well all the symptoms from my last

I did not go to work. I made a doctor's appointment and basically slept until I needed to get up to go.

And the test..........................................thank goodness was negative.

Apparently its normally to feel these symptoms when your body is adjusting to coming off contraceptives. In my case it was the Mirena.