Tuesday, May 28, 2019


So thankful for moments to break away and spend time with family. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


The Digizen website provides information for educators, parents, carers, and young people. It is used to strengthen their awareness and understanding of what digital citizenship is and encourages users of technology to be and become responsible DIGItal citiZENS. It shares specific advice and resources on issues such as social networking and cyberbullying and how these relate to and affect their own and other people's online experiences and behaviours.

Testing the creation of my own Digizen


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

British Heart Foundation

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

4 Weeks to Fall into Fitness

Walk 15® is the Live version of the Walk at Home indoor aerobic walking program which has been helping people get fit using DVDs for over 25 years. 

With our Walk 15® classes, participants will benefit from the support of others in a group setting. Additionally, since all classes are held indoors, there are no harsh elements to deal with when exercising.

Our indoor aerobic walk classes are geared for those who enjoy walking for fitness and weight loss. Classes are appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness. Men, women, teens, and children can benefit from Walk 15® classes. 

In a Walk 15® class, participants may walk 1, 2, 3, or more miles, in a group setting, using the proven techniques of the Walk at Home program. With just four basic steps, participants get a heart-pumping, calorie-torching aerobic workout. 

Participants will utilize all muscles in the body by incorporating simple arm movements which helps build the intensity of the workout and provides strength training. 

Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for more in-tense exercise, and a cool-down to safely bring the heart rate and breathing back to normal for an overall safe workout.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

WALK 15®

WALK 15® takes group fitness to a new level. It is a low impact, multi muscle, calorie torching, walking to the BEAT workout - with very effective results!
Walk 15® classes are good for everyone - busy moms, active sports participants, seniors and youth. If you can walk, you can do it.
Four free taster session
When:             Monday  1 and 8 May 2017          6:30 – 7:30
                                Tuesday 2 and 9 May 2017          6:30 – 7:30
Where:               58 Prehen Road, BT47 2NT, opposite Everglades hotel
You can choose to do 15min = 1mile, 30min = 2miles or 45min = 3 miles

Why WALK 15?® It is our special feature! The music is paced so 15 minutes signifies the time (speed/pace) of most miles... an average pace of 4 mph.!

What if I’ve never worked out on a regular basis?
That’s OK! Everyone walks at his/her own pace. Go slower when you start out or when you need to and as you get stronger, your pace will increase. There’s no right or wrong way to do this class. You’re moving - that’s the most important thing! The Walk Leader offers modifications for varying fitness levels.

Walk Leader : Simone
Email: prehenlifestylecentre@gmail.com  
Follow on Facebook: facebook.com/prehenlifestylecentre/       

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Embracing health and wellness in 2017

 I am excited about taking another step in the right direction to improving health and wellness.Over the last 15 years my physical and mental health has yo-yo'ed back and forth. 
Three years ago i experienced a shift, I noticed that after altering a habit something would happend that would throw me off course but instead of completely returning to state I was in before, i managed to hold on to a least positive thing. 
Instead of going back on anti-depressant, I managed to notice myself slipping and asked for help. I attended counselling, re-engaged with a hobby (like knitting) and re-connected with friends.
Two years ago I successfully gave up taking sugar in my hot drinks and cereal (after back sliding on following the Slimming World diet). Some family members still put sweetners or sugar in my coffee. I have had to resort to insisting on making the drinks or very quietly thowing it out and making a new cuppa.
Last year improved my fitness levels and started exercising on more regular basis.

This year I am incorporating Bright (SAD) light therapy, group fitness classes and volunteering at the Prehen Lifestyle center. Re-incorporating the lessons I have learnt over the years into my eating plan. This year I will more steps in creating healthier and happier me and taking my family and community along with me.