Sunday, September 28, 2014

Missing Robert Peterson

This week I have celebrated being married 15 years. When I started dating I was determined that I would not be hurt by a man, As a result I ran a way from relationships as I thought I might get hurt. The second week into my dating relationship with Weiers I was ready to run again ! Robert made me stop, he made me think and encouraged me to talk to Weiers. He took it a step further and create a space in his Mom's home for Weiers and I to eat and talk. Now 16 years and about 9 months later Weiers and I are still talking and working through life together.

I am thankful to God to allowing Robert to be part of my life. The story of above is just one of many ways he was a blessing.
Below Simone, Robert and Lisa
Sleeping over after his 21st birthday party
This is where cooked and served dinner to Weiers and Me 3 years later

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Savouring the Moments

Do you sometimes extreme low and high moments in matter of minutes. This past week has been full of both.
After last week's weigh in I just felt like this coming week would be good. Then i got sick and was off work for two days. I thought there goes my good week. The exercise has come to a stand still and I have not slept well. Missing my husband.
It seems like I am allergic to him going away for last few years I gotten sick when he was away ...probably just a co-incidence. 
We went out to celebrate our 15th Anniversary - its only on the 24 September 2014 because his one week work assignment has been extended for another 2 weeks. We shared dessert Oreo Pie.........

Got home today and realised I left important documents at work and I could not go back to get it. Distracted by that i burned the pasta :(.........the first thing that ran through my mind was that after weigh in at Slimming World I am ordering Domino's ...........Then I got my results 4 1/2 pounds loss reaching my 2 1/2 stone award way I am going to ruin that with Takeout........

relishing learning and experiencing  life........

On Sunday in Bull Park learning to shoot hoops

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Photography of NI and Ireland Lanndscapes

A collection of photographs taken between 2008 and 2014

A New Poster

Decisions ,challenges and Progress

What a week. I have being try to take small steps to being more organised. Work and school are now in full swing. Being celebrating the success of daugther at school. Recovering from outings and late nights.
I think I have now completed all the paper the for registering to study my Masters in Education.
A great opportunity has presented itself to do a free 12 week photography course. Now the challenge is that I cannot do everything something somewhere has to be given up or reduced.
Listening to an audio book entitled NO MATTER WHAT has helped in making this decision.

Want to say that I am looking for to this school year but it still feels so strange to be starting school in September/October instead of January/February. Its like I now have two starts to the year :).

I am on track for losing 6.35kg/14lb/1 stone by Christmas.

Before: September 2013
At Present: Sptember 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weightloss Journey Update

Its been really busy start to the school and working year. Weddings and Girls night out in between.
My challenge  came the night before weigh-in ..... Dominoes Craving.... part of it was tiredness and emotions....I didn't manage the two bite and throw away principle but I did have 2 slices instead of 4 and only 2 pieces of garlic bread instead of 4.

This past week I lost 0.5 pounds (0.23kg).......its weight in's like this when I am really happy it is in pounds and not kilograms. Increased my exercise and water in take.......
Looking forward to weiging even less next week :)

On Days 15-20 of 100 Days of Weightloss

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Days 11-15 of 100 Days of Weightloss Journey

The one thing I have noticed this week is that i really need to slow down and take more notice of what I am eating. I have slow down as soon I became concious of what I was doing and when I had already eaten my meal I waited for a while before deciding to eat or drink anything else.

Days 11-14

So this week I in a sense checking my relationship with food. On Monday night I had a really strong urgh to buy Dominos ....I cold taste the garlic bread..........I delayed ordering and read through my Slimming World book. In the end I decided on making a tuna and mayonaise snackwich instead and really enjoyed it as well.

I think Day 15 is going to really be interesting for me to attempt.

Day 15 First two bites
With any food that you love, eat the first two bites very slowly, noticing details such as
the cinnamon in the apple pie or the soft caramel swirl in the cheesecake. Allow yourself
to completely absorb the texture and flavor of the food. After you finish those two bites,
decide if you truly need more. In most cases, you don’t.

Monday, September 01, 2014


Some doors may close the evidence of the door still may still be visible like memory.
The memory is just that ........good or bad.....happy or sad........ what will I do with it.
Will I mourn it, will I gladly move on, will stand by it trying to break it down or will I search for a new door........ will I create one?