Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Decisions ,challenges and Progress

What a week. I have being try to take small steps to being more organised. Work and school are now in full swing. Being celebrating the success of daugther at school. Recovering from outings and late nights.
I think I have now completed all the paper the for registering to study my Masters in Education.
A great opportunity has presented itself to do a free 12 week photography course. Now the challenge is that I cannot do everything something somewhere has to be given up or reduced.
Listening to an audio book entitled NO MATTER WHAT has helped in making this decision.

Want to say that I am looking for to this school year but it still feels so strange to be starting school in September/October instead of January/February. Its like I now have two starts to the year :).

I am on track for losing 6.35kg/14lb/1 stone by Christmas.

Before: September 2013
At Present: Sptember 2014

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