Sunday, September 28, 2014

Missing Robert Peterson

This week I have celebrated being married 15 years. When I started dating I was determined that I would not be hurt by a man, As a result I ran a way from relationships as I thought I might get hurt. The second week into my dating relationship with Weiers I was ready to run again ! Robert made me stop, he made me think and encouraged me to talk to Weiers. He took it a step further and create a space in his Mom's home for Weiers and I to eat and talk. Now 16 years and about 9 months later Weiers and I are still talking and working through life together.

I am thankful to God to allowing Robert to be part of my life. The story of above is just one of many ways he was a blessing.
Below Simone, Robert and Lisa
Sleeping over after his 21st birthday party
This is where cooked and served dinner to Weiers and Me 3 years later

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