Saturday, December 30, 2006

I need your love -- Is that True?

I have just started reading Byron Katie's book
'I need your love -- Is that True?'

"Eneyone agrees that love is wonderful. We spend our whole lives
seeking it, holding onto it, or trying to get over it. ......."

My sister Debbie skimmed read the book and says I have made
a good choice. Its what I need to read at this stage of my life.
(Scary !!!)

I will keep you updated with my progress throught the book. And I
invite anyone else who has read any of her books
(as well as Martha Beck and Leslie Kenton) to e-mail me or
post comments.


Martha Beck - Finding your North Star
Leslie Kenton- Authentic Women(written with her daughter),
Endless Energy

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve

The kids could not wait till Christmas to open presents.

My daughter announced that I (mom) was Father Christmas cause I bought and rapped up all
the presents.

We were joined by Eleonora from Italy. Her family has just moved on campus to study English. Her dad plans to further his Pastoral studies .

Here is the gang: Brandon, Lauren, J.P. (Jean Pierre), Jeandre' and Eleonora. J.P's2 year old brother was asleep after the long flight from Johannesburg. He woke to have his on Christmas at midnight - unfortunately the camera person was fast asleep.

Jeandre' got more than she bargained for. She asked for a tent and got whole camping which
included a tent. sleeping bag, chair, compass, torch and carry bag.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Feet

Africa has two flightless bird species: the Ostrich, adapted to terrestrial life and the African Penguin, adapted to marine existence. The African Penguin colonizes offshore islands and nests on the mainland only at three places in South Africa. Betty's Bay is one of the only three land-based colonies and for this reason it is treasured.

The crew at Bettyś Bay on 23 December 2006:
Bobo (Chinese), Eleonora (Italy) and the South African family.

Sabbath at Helderberg College

Debbie, Baron & the Kids Sabbath Morning


FIrst time at the Theatre

The kids had a great experience at the Baxter theater. After the show all they wanted to
know was when were they going to watch the the next one.

I have now accomplished to take my all my sisterś children to something that was their first
experience. I took Preston and Charles to their first movies. Now I have taken the twins to
their first theater show.


A tale of greed, fury, forgiveness and magic. An old mother, jealous of her new daughter-in-law's cooking, steals food and is banished from her village, never to return until she has found the magic water.


A tale of trust and selfishness (and magic). By saving a magic bird caught in a trap, Luluwayo earns good fortune

From the left:

Then we had lunch at:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wheatley familyś Holiday Begins

Interesting experiment put out by the MTN Science Centre
In Canal Walk

Christmas in Canal Walk
Cape Town

First time Ice Skating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Twin Sister


The art of Face Painting

Well here are some pictures of the face painting i have done recently. I am not to happy
with the results. But I guess that as I practice, I will get better.

The balloon animals were a complete disaster - they all popped before we made anything decent.

Not sure if it was our technique or the balloons.

Well Christmas day we will give it another go.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Plans for the new year

I looking forward to the new year.

I have joined 25 Things for Charity. The next Knitters Coffee Swap will happen in April/May.
I have joined swap-bot and I am going to organise my own swap called Coffee and Crafts swap.
I have 7 people already interested.

Plan to organise a Big knit, fun walk and other fundraising functions for The Helderberg College Childrens Play Place Project.

Start at a new school and some new subjects as well.

All this considered, I have decided to delay studying my honours for one more year. I need
to complete my Health Fitness Diploma.

Looking forward to being more involved with Jeandreś extra-mural activities and education.

Thinking of launching my business idea that has been in the pregnant stages since August this year.

My social life is kicking off with a Poetry evening & Play at the Baxter this week. Booked two more shows in January 2007. Claudelle is considering starting a bookclub and Ruth a Sticth & Bitch group - man my life is going to be exciting and full. YAY!

Weiers is still considering what he should do with his ling leave this year - wish I could take off - so we could travel together - well we will see what happens.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Attack of the Tortoise

okay it did not really attack them.
I dont know what makes us say that tortoise are slow. this one moved really fast.

This was at the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I sewed !!!!

Ruth Wrote:

I am such an enabler, I really can’t help myself. When I met Simone at the beginning of the year she was knitting scarves, since then she’s made two hats and I’m currently helping her knit socks. (I’m not a knitting pusher really). In keeping with the crafty theme, yesterday Simone came over and used a sewing machine for the first time:

She’s making a Christmas table cloth - on the window in the background is my design wall (currently unused). I’ll make a quilter out of her yet. he he he, poor girl won’t know what hit her…

I didn’t get any sewing done, but that’s ok because I got to knit. I frogged Simone’s sock and reknit the heel for her so that she could have another go at turning it. For me making the first sock was just about following the pattern, but Simone is managing dpns, following a pattern and shaping for the first time. Her sock is looking great, it’s just taking us a few false starts to get the

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Christmas Gift

The Art of Giving Part 2

These are comments from the

Knitters' Coffee Swap

prairiegirl said...

I would love to take part in more swaps! (This was my first ever!) I really enjoyed putting together a parcel for my swap friend. Getting gifts for people is so much fun - I think I like it more than the getting! (Don't get me wrong - I'm not a saint or anything. I do love prezzies too!) And meeting new friends is always great too! Count me in if you think of doing a "swap schedule" in the new year for sure!

1:11 PM

scappyhappy said...

I would love to see a scheduled themed swap. This was so much fun and such a good one. Count me in!

3:45 PM

craftydabbler said...

I would like to join in.

4:10 PM

Gretchen said...

I like the idea of a scheduled theme swap. This was my first, it it was so much fun trying to pick fun things for someone else! Count me in!

7:19 PM

The Art of Receiving

Thank you to Erin. I received a wonderful yarn and wooden knitting needles. A beautiful blue mug, chocolate spoons and of course Coffee.

I thought the chocolate spoons were for my daughter. Then Ruth informed me that i am supposed to stir it into my coffee. (her comment was that I am sometimes so South African)

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Art of giving

I have really enjoyed being part of the knitters Coffee Swap. I have not yet received my parcel, neither has my partner received hers.

Being involved with this swap has really been a fun experience. I have gotten know a lot other people. I have gotten to know my friend Ruth better. I have gotten to know the area I live in and the products on offer better. I liked the fact that it was an open swap and that you could ask your partner questions.

The only down side was that I had to watch the weight of my parcel because of the cost of sending it overseas.

I was involved with a secret friend group in Church one year. Half way through the year my partner moved and the gifts stopped and no-one knew. I will still sending to my partner but I was not receiving anything. Not nice.

There is definitely a joy one gets in buying gifts (as long as you are not stressed about money).
Its wonderful to get a gift that you actually like. You know someone has taken care to think about you.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Letter to Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas

I would like goggles, a watch, a small tent and Leap frog Pad (mom already bought the book that goes into the Pad).

Thank you


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Strawberry Picking

Finally went strawberry picking. It was organised by Jeandre's school.

Here are pictures of her best friends. Bobo and Kiara.

An amusing look at Mooiberge Farm by Ruth.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Knitting Socks !

My first attempt at knitting socks with Ruth's help.
Had to frog (rip) 3 times . This is my progress so far.

Ruth's Coffee Swap package

Ruth received her package. Can't wait for mine. Hope my partner does not
have to wait too long either. But who knows with SA postage.