Thursday, September 04, 2014

Days 11-15 of 100 Days of Weightloss Journey

The one thing I have noticed this week is that i really need to slow down and take more notice of what I am eating. I have slow down as soon I became concious of what I was doing and when I had already eaten my meal I waited for a while before deciding to eat or drink anything else.

Days 11-14

So this week I in a sense checking my relationship with food. On Monday night I had a really strong urgh to buy Dominos ....I cold taste the garlic bread..........I delayed ordering and read through my Slimming World book. In the end I decided on making a tuna and mayonaise snackwich instead and really enjoyed it as well.

I think Day 15 is going to really be interesting for me to attempt.

Day 15 First two bites
With any food that you love, eat the first two bites very slowly, noticing details such as
the cinnamon in the apple pie or the soft caramel swirl in the cheesecake. Allow yourself
to completely absorb the texture and flavor of the food. After you finish those two bites,
decide if you truly need more. In most cases, you don’t.
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