Saturday, February 10, 2007

New leaves

This week I am starting a new eating plan, exercise plan and part time job!

The eating plan is very basic - I will eat all the food group except what is in the sweet and sugary section. I am switching to sweetner, fat-free milk and yoghurts and no more frying & no margarine.

Exercise plan is basically to do 20min of either swimming, walking, Taebo 2, Belly dance, hand weights or any aerobic video (Kathy Smith).

I will be 'teaching' English and Mathematics at Kip Mcgrath at max 3 times a week - about 3-5 lessons depending on demand. Very excited about that. The extra money I earn will be divided into two sections 60% towards our emergency fund and 40% to reward my weight loss and healthy life style.

So this caterpillar will be eating a lot of leaves in order to turn into a beautiful and fulfilled butterfly.

I am hoping that this eating will lead me to lose weight.

Current weight: 105kg
Target weight in one week: 103 kg
Target weight for the 13 March: 95kg
Long term weight goal: 62kg

Current BMI : 42.6 Target BMI: 25.15

Waist circumference: 120 cm Goal: 88cm

So why do I want to lose so much in the first month and is it realistic?
From my research and experience , initial weight loss is fast and 2kg a week is safe.
After that it will probably slow down to 0.5 -1.2 kg a week, then stagnate. I will need to up
my exercise and decrease my calorie intake (if possible).
I prefer the idea of upping my activity level.

But slowly I have had too many problems in the past with ankle injuries.

All things going well I hope to weight 71Kg by the 17 October (my birthday). and reach my target weight by 14 February 2008. Then I can pass are my big clothes over to someone else or to a Charity.
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