Saturday, February 24, 2007


I re-read my post below after I was accused of "bitching".
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and your comments are welcomed.

I actually wondered if I should reveal my "embarrassing experience". Worst still the fact that it was not the first time it happened.
Then I thought again - it is possible that I not the only person in the world to have experienced this.

I hoped that by sharing my experience that someone else can learn from it. Especially if they do not go out on a regular basis to such functions and don't have credit cards to make bookings.
(Side note: the Baxter theatre actually appreciated my hearing about my experience and promised to ensure that their telephone operators are more informed and adverts less ambiguous.)

No - I am not really complaining about the theatres - I am really kicking myself for being such fool - it sucks to have your ignorance almost ruin your friends outing.

Thank goodness they are good friends. And they did spend the evening being angry with me. Ruth probably thinks I am social moron.
I have never had problems like this when I organised outings.

As I said below - I have learnt my lesson
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