Thursday, April 05, 2007

Caterpillar changes



Experience a 30min Power Plate session today. Definitely felt by blood circulation and as if my body was worked. Had to drink a lot of water during the session which was also very good for me.

The doctor said I need to have a few massages . My husband has come to the fore and decided to give me hands.
He has also booked for us to see a dietician for the 17 April 2007.

I want to join Inch by Inch and maybe later if we have the money do the Power Plates. The Inch by Inch machines will help me tone, stretch and improve circulation.
Together with the detox the doctor has me on I hope that I will able to slowly add aerobic exercise without feeling too sick.

Tonight we are having friends over for a pancake evening. I am looking forward to relaxing and chatting with them.

Oh yes. I completed knitting my daughter's first sock. And I completed reading Martha Beck's book Leaving the Saints.
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