Thursday, April 05, 2007

Friday Fill-in

Idea from Fond of Snape

1. My favorite thing in an Easter basket is _____!
2. Easter means _____ to me.
3. The best part of the chocolate Easter bunny is _____.
4. My memories of Easter as a child include_____.
5. _____ jelly beans are the ones I eat first.
6. I like _____ grass in my Easter basket!
7. On Easter, I'll be _____.

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1. chocolate
2. time off
3. the Chocolate!
4. going to my mom's best friend 6hr drive to Johanessburg- learning the song "There is mud on your face a big disgrace, we will , we will rock you". Listening to a story in a tent about how it will be in the last days before Jesus would come - felt very real.
5.Red - strawberry - sweet one's first - save the sour ones for last.
7.Staying at home. Sunday I will be visiting the Unitarian Universalist Church in Cape Town for the first time - looking forward to experiencing a drumming circle for the first time after the service.
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