Monday, April 09, 2007

Insomina AGAIN

Staring to think I need a label just for insomnia.

What did I do? I completed knitting a sample pattern for a possible gift for Ruth. She is just over three months pregnant and the person who inspires to try out knew crafts (like sewing, card making, scrap-booking and to continue knitting) and swapping. She has been a great friend since she arrived in our country last year.

I also worked on a puzzle for a short while and surfed the net for inspiration for a Mathematical Literacy paper I need to set.

I just feel awful from the time I was woken up - first by my husband , then by my daughter . It was finally a phone call from my mom that got me out of bed.

She has given me another fun project to work on - her holiday to theNorthen Cape and West Coast to see the Namaqualand wild flowers and do some Whale watching. I have not been up the West Coast yet, but I really want to.

The tiredness from the insomnia,the fact that I don't have milk for my coffee and my menstrual cycle is continuing for 7 weeks running means that I am having a pretty yucky day.

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