Monday, April 16, 2007

Blog Critique and ........

Critique My Blog

Simone's Butterfly

Regular and down to earth is the feel of this blog as Simone blogs about her life and times and everything in between. Side bar is formatted with all the right bells and whistles and content is well written. No complaints here.

Thank you for review.

I found some interesting sites in his blog. It is worth the visit.


.......through Wordless Wednesday I found another South African Blogger (Nogal lives in Cape Town) Whenn and she led me to Critique My Blog. Thanks WW and When.

Wordless Wednesdays has been an interesting experience for me so far. Its like travelling through the world get little snap shots into what's happening around you. It also makes you feel connected because you actually get comments from others. Its like when you smile at someone and they smile back at you.

Its been a fun way of travelling , learning new techniques, gaining knowledge, recognising and appreciating others, LAUGHING and truth be told something to look forward to.
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