Saturday, April 14, 2007

Environmentally conscious

Its been something nagging at the back of my head. My husband and I fleetling speak about using less plastics and recycling. We feel guilty for a moment. Then because its its just too much work, too much effort, too difficult, we just continue living with too much consideration to our impact on the environment.

I have been so focused on cleansing my body and making the right choices for my health. I have realised that the consequences for not using my knowledge to positively impact my life is disastrous for me mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Not allowing my health conciousness to turn into positive action has cost me a lot and those around me.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I have not only not been health activist in my life but I have also given up my most of good enviromentally conscioud habits because they were inconvieniet.

Now I know I should take one step at a time. I have just started implementing good health habits. But I have also realised that the term if you son't use it, you lose it. I have not been using or applying my environmental knowledge for a few years (I once work for WESSA - Wildlife and Environmental Society of South AFrica as an education officer).

I did an online eco-quiz - true it was an American orientated one - but I came out as 3 out 6 - an eco disaster.

I did better on quiz 2 - but not much rated 4 out of 6 -
eco- conscious. Thank goodness - I was almost starting to feel depressed.

Excellent Site especially for South Africans: Harmonius Living

I am committed to ensuring that I will not be environmental ignorant and that I will make changes to my lifestyle to ensure that my eco-footprint is as small as possible.

My daughter will be the greatest benefactor of the positive transformation in my life. I want her to be "healthy, wealthy and wise". That means I have to model that . My husband has to model it too.
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