Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weighing Wednesdays #2

My two month menstrual period finally ended last week Wednesday. But the nausea, dizziness, headaches have just continued. My anti-depressant came to an end - and I just decided that I have had enough of taking medication that is not working or making any difference.

Friday night I starting vomiting, got that under control but the feeling keeps coming back.- and since Sunday i have been off Coffee. That was so scary that I went and did another pregnancy test.

Sjoe, thank goodness, no bun in the oven. I think I can finally lay that fear to rest. My husband had his tubes tied last year - think we have passed the danger period.

Went to the doctor again. He is happy taht I have stopped my anit-depressant, his of the opinion that it is messing up my system. Unfortunately though it means that my body is now adjusting to being off the Mirena (contraceptive) and off the anti-depressant, so my body may continue feeling like it is detoxing. The increase water intake and 'exercise' is adding to the detoxifying of my body.

I feel like this is such a mess - I feel sick - so I need to change my diet and exercise- then when I do I feel so sick that I don't feel like exercise and I am craving chocolate mousse etc......

Talk about a catch 22 situation.

The one bit of good news I got this week was from the Dietician. (my husband decided that enough was enough, we needed to go get some professional advice and help). My target weight according to her is about 75 kg and not the 57kg dictated by the BMI chart. I personally feel I will be happy at 65kg.

Okay, now to the moment of truth.

On her state of the art scale my weight is 107.7kg.
Which means no change from last week

My waist measurement has shift by 1cm from 116 to 115cm.

I am entering this week armed with a better eating plan, my husbands support and a determination to exercise despite the nausea (even if its just weights and yoga - I will do something).
I am drinking 8-10 glasses of water or herbal tea and taking an omega 3 supplement (recommended by the dietician).

Doctor has me on iron tables and Nux vomicaHomaccord. I am also taking a Zinc & Vita C and Vitamin B Complex supplement.


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