Saturday, April 28, 2007

South Africa Day

Whenn (Blog Opinion Minions)has been blogging at least once a week an Entry titled South Africa Day where she shares an interesting fact about our country. I thought that was really cool and told her I might follow her lead.
For the first time I feel inspired to share a fact that i discovered thought a question Heidi asked me in a few post down. I did not know that this fruit just like milk tart - is proudly South African.

So Heidi, in answer to your question: What is a naartjie?

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A naartjie (Citrus reticulata, Citrus nobilis), or nartjie, is a soft loose-skinned South African citrus fruit. It is also known as a mandarin, satsuma or tangerine outside of South Africa.

The name is Afrikaans and is originally from the Tamil word nartei meaning citrus. The word has been used in South Africa since 1790, but the first written recorded English use is by Graham Green in the Tavern of the Seas 1947.

In South African rugby the naartjie is customarily thrown at and members of the opposing rugby team. The most frequent target in South African rugby history was Naas Botha, the Northern Transvaal flyhalf.
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