Friday, April 13, 2007

Dreams & Makeovers

(me at 10 years ago) (Chato)

One of my most common dreams is one of a major makeover. Probably one of the reasons I have liked the movie "GREASE".

I especially had this dream after I broke up with a boyfriend (sometimes because I though he was planning to break-up with me) or we mutually agreed to part company.

Now it happens when I feel unappreciated or not sexy or too fat. It amazing that one can feel sexy no matter ones size. Its also amazing how you can actually forget that you are fat.

A few weeks ago I attended a Chato Romano workshop. A few things she spoke of , i realised that I already knew and I was even applying some of them. But the thing that stood out most was that I could actually do a full day makeover or at least a wardrobe one - it might take a while to save the money - but I could it. The price we received said R2000.00 the website says R7500.00 for a full day makeover. Think it depends on what you do or what advise you are looking for.

Of course I would have to convince my husband that it would a wise use of money.

On the other hand I wonder how healthy it is for me to be absorb with my exterior. What would I really benefit from a makeover.
I am already a confident, outgoing person. My self-esteem has edged low with the weight-gain and some set backs I have over the few years.

What does having this dream say about me? I have been grappling with this question for a while. I have tried searching the internet for why women like having makeovers but I have not found anything substantial.
Maybe I need to have my dream analysed. Looking good and sexy is only one aspect of the dream.

I do have some of my own negative analysis of why I have this dream - the truth is I don't want to believe or dwell on those thoughts. At the same time my mind cannot seem to open up to positive analysis.

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