Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My first drumming experience.

It was great fun. At times I felt completely lost and other times I felt myself closing my eyes and getting lost in the rhythm. It reminded of dancing to trance music or belly dancing. Definitely relaxing and uplifting.

I needed to rest my hands every now and then (if you have ever clapped so much that you get a numb tingling sensation then that is more or less how it feels)- our facilitator also gave us some rest periods to flex our fingers. He joked that drumming isn't so much about talent but about stamina.

I would definitely do it again. I think the more one practises and opens one self to the experience the more you can experience a variety of benefits.

So the Cape town Drum Cafe maybe seeing me soon. The UU are planning to host another drumming circle.

Read more about Drumming and it benefits on the following sites:

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PS - my husband forgot my camera in the car. Hopefully I get some pictures from Dave's wife later the month. Will have to scan them in though.
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