Friday, April 13, 2007

Exercising for comments

A letter from Sonny posted in January 2007. Read it and decide whether you would like to join me in supporting her endevour. Better late than never.

My dear Blogosphere-Friends!
You can help me.
As I told you many times before, I want to get rid of my overweight.
So my biggest resolution for this year is to star my Weight-Watchers-Program.
Not really to start it but to hold on to it. I started it twice and lost weight, but my weaker-self always won the battle.
But now, the point is there and I really want (and need) to reach my goal: get skinny again.

I know I can. But I need a bit support.

I joined the "Will Excercise for Comments"-Pledge, just like lots of Bloggers did before

So please! Keep me going! For every comment you make, I'll do on minute excercise.
And for proove that I kept my Pledge, I'll post pictures showing me doing my excercise.

If you would do me a really big favour, you can post about my pledge in your blog and let your readers know bout it. If you do, I will name your blog in my posts and if you send me a photo (of you or whatever you like), I'll do some scrapbooking with it and send it back to you. Furthermore I will do FIVE extra minutes of excercise.
So it will be a win-win situation for both of us: I'll loose weight through excercise and you'll get some more blog-traffic
and a "scrappy-you"!

So, will you help me please????

With lots of love,

P.S.: Duchess and I are planning to set up a "weight-loss"-meme. It's just right at the beginning and we didn't start it yet, but if you're interested in it (it means, if you're a "wanna-loose-weight"-one) and want to join, please drop me a mail ( or tell me via comment and leave your mail-address.
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