Monday, April 02, 2007

When Blogging hurts

As I mentioned a post some moons ago - I had three anon blogs. What I may have not mentioned is one of the main reasons I stopped was because I felt that it was hurting my marriage relationship.

I did not think that this blog would do that but it has but this time I know that its not me, or anything that I have written in this blog.

Blogging a personal journal - is just that its personal. Its a reflection of who you are. Why do we choose to open ourselves to the world? Because we don't want to be lonely, we want others to see us, to share experiences, to the ups and downs of life. All life is interconnected and we can all contribute to each others journey's positively and negatively.

A couple weeks ago I had an unpleasant experience, when I shared it I got some nasty comments. I am not sorry that I shared it because I am sure that some people did benefit from either knowing that they are not alone or got forewarning (how to avoid this experience). The nasty comments came as a result of a misinterpretation of what I said and thank goodness someone recognised that and was able to "verbalise" it better than what seemed to have done.

So how is it that I feel like I am being hurt? It is not by the fact that sometimes I don't receive comments for long periods of time, or get hurtful comments, no.
Its the fact that the one person whose opinion means a lot to me, thinks that my blog has no aim, not particular subject or direction. The that this person would read someone else blog which I think is not very different to mine and was totally interested in it but does not read my blog with the same fervent enthusiasm. Because if he did, he would know the direction and understand its aim.

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