Monday, July 09, 2007

South Africa Day # 9

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Tietiesbaai (adequately translated: Breast Bay?). They say it’s named after the voluptuous curve of the bay, or a suggestively shaped boulder on the hill, or maybe even a fisherman named Titus who used to live there.


White washed fishermen’s’ cottages sit side by side with newer holiday homes in this small fishing village. Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean summer is cooled by a fresh sea breeze and a plunge into the bracing water wakes up every nerve in your body. their morning expeditions and buy the fish of the day, guaranteed fresh.

The nature reserve lies to the south of the town, with the Cape Columbine lighthouse (named after the wreck of the Early risers can meet the small fishing boats when they return from barque Columbine in 1829) marking a navigational point for ships approaching from Europe and America. The last manned lighthouse to be built in South Africa in 1936.

The Lisboa wrecked on Soldiers Reef – Paternoster: On 23 October 1910, the Lisboa ran aground on Soldiers Reef near Paternoster. The wreck of the Lisboa is particularly interesting because it was the first occasion on the South African coast on which radio telegraphy was used to summon help by a ship in distress.
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