Monday, July 16, 2007

Day in the Life of Jeandre

I was tagged by Claudelle from The World in the eyes of Brothers:
"A Day In The Life Of 'My Child/Pets Name.'" Add the 5 people you have tagged in your blog and beneath add the person who tagged you. If you'd like to participate, please leave me a message on my blog with your blog address. You can also advertise it on your blog and if you know someone who would like to participate in something like this, pass the word around. You don't have to be on the list to participate, the list is just a guidline of who will be interested in it. Hope we can have fun reading the stories and seeing cute pictures. Have a Lovely Day. Thanks Claudelle

Tuesday night:
Yippeeeeeee, I got a great big box to play in

I took a photo of Gran, she is visiting us.

Love the purple scarf she is knitting.

Hmmmmm, I wish it was for me.

Wednesday Morning

Gran woke me up too early when she went to the bathroom.
so I decided to get right back into bed with mom and dad.

What! Oh NO

Not while I am dressing mom!

Getting some fruit for snacks for drive to Hermanus.
This is my best friend Bobo. He is also six years old and his from China.
He says that China looks like a chicken in the map book.

Got binoculars - Hope we see some whales. But first I have a nap.

Man, I am hot and I so borrrrrrrred. No whales.

Coool water fountain in the coffee.

Daddy bought us sherbet and Bow and arrow

Its just too windy to play with them.

All this climbing, walking and driving is really making me sleepy.

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