Friday, July 20, 2007


I am still looking for ideas for rewards (mmmm maybe I should run a competition..... now I would have to think of prize). I have completed a 4 Day Win cycle: drinking 8 glasses of water, walking every day for 4 days and 2 days of Power Plate exercise.

The reward I choose today is to watch another episode of Stargate Atlantis and Knit.

Then its back on the band wagon to catch up with my file preparation, marking and term planing. Next week is moderation for one of my grade 11 subjects to two nights of Parents meetings.

Here are reward ideas from Sparkpeople (go to the page for the entire article):
  • Create an actual plaque or trophy.
  • Give yourself badges of honor for different levels of accomplishment.
  • Take a vacation or weekend getaway.
  • Take a day off from any goal activities.
  • Put $1 in a jar every time you meet a goal. When it gets to $50, treat yourself.
  • Create a Trophy Scrapbook, where you keep mementos from your accomplishments.
  • See a movie.
  • Make a grab bag of little prizes. When you reach a significant goal, reach in and get your reward!
  • Go for a spa treatment or massage.
  • Buy yourself a gift certificate.
  • Take a limo ride to work one day.
  • Subscribe to a magazine you always wanted.
  • Go canoeing or do something outdoorsy.
  • Watch your favorite TV show.
  • Buy something for your hobby (i.e., car, garden, music, collections, holidays).
  • Read a funny book.
  • Celebrate "100% Days". If you reach 100% of your goals that day, choose two rewards.
  • Find some time to be by yourself.
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