Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WW #4

Starting weight: 107.7 kg
Current weight: 106.7 kg

Starting Waist measurement: 118cm
Current Waist measurement: 116cm

Exercise: Power Plate (twice a week for 30min) and Yoga Aerobics (twice a week - DVD for 30min)

Drinking 10 glasses of water a day.Eating 2 fruit servings and 3 veg servings.

New goal for this week: add in 2 free weight 20min sessions and cut starch servings down from 7-10 servings to 5-6 servings.

I am reading the 4 Day Win book by Martha Beck. I am on chapter 9. The plan is to read the whole and when I re-read it I will choose which concepts make sense to me and apply them to my weight-loss program.

I will be seeing the dietician next week Tuesday the 8 May 2007.

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