Saturday, May 05, 2007


I have been so busy this week. I feel like I have not been able to stop and just think about stuff.
In the process I ended up have one sleepless night - I can't afford to let my insomnia ruin the progress I making.

As soon as I think about all I have to catch up (the stuff I did do in the last 2 months while I was feeling ill) I just feel overwhelmed. I have taken two good steps to prevent procrastination from setting in. - I have listed all I have to do and I am working through each task in small chunks according to what needs to be completed first.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend Ruth (from Australia) and Gigi (from China), we went wool and craft shopping. We first went to the one shop we knew, then got directions to another wool shop - where we found a really great Scrap-booking shop and Bra Shop.Got some really cool wool for my daughter to knit with and got her another pair of knitting needles. Also got some cool self-striping sock wool made in Turkey for International Coffee Swap Partner - now I can post her package on Monday.

On the way out we decided to just look out for a coffee shop. We just happened to find a Craft Coffee Shop in Bellville that was open till 8pm! (most coffee shops close at 5pm except for the Mugg & Bean franchise).
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