Friday, May 25, 2007


I am very concerned about myself. I have been moving from one illness to another since February. I am wondering if this may be part of a cleansing process in my life or just the fact that I have come out of a very stressful year - my body is finally caving in.

On the one hand I know that the beginning of my health and happiness starts in my mind. I wonder if by typing the above paragraph I am empowering the negative energy around me. At the same time I just cannot seem to break the cycle my body is in - I am trying to understand it. Last week I had a chest infection - this week I have Pharyngitis. My nausea, dizziness, vomiting, shoulder & neck pain and 2 month menstrual cycle was brought on by a bacterial infection and low iron levels. The end result has been that I have not been functioning at optimal levels and now I am feeling very stressed at work.

Plan of Action - up my fluid intake again, long relaxing salt baths, Annique ginger detox tea, prayer, yoga and positive thinking. Less procrastination and keeping focused on the plan to keeping working on tasks as I broken them into small manageable pieces. I have always enjoyed making list and then ticking it off as I complete each item.
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