Friday, May 04, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Catch up

Day 1 of 21 of the Blogging Scavenger Hunt! The first day will be a bit rocky, but we will get this started and have some fun!!!

here are 3 questions or things to find today!! Todays questions do not have to come from the blogging participants, just any blog in general. These are actually kind of easy, but we are just getting started.

Todays questions can be answered directly on this post!!!! Don't forget to ask your readers to help you.

1) Find a blog that has a YouTube video that makes you laugh! Post the link here!
Funny - Exploring The Shift

2)Find a blog with photos from a Family Vacation (i had disney on here, but I couldnt find 3)!!!!! - A family runs through it.

3)Locate a blogger who is passionate about their job.
Primary Colours - Stay at Home Mom and Freelance Artist (from 3 Beautiful Girls )

Just for today, visit a blog on my blogroll whom you dont know and tell them we said hello!!!! Let us know who you picked and what they are talking about today.. OOPS - I went to Organising Junkie - then I realised I have been there before. OKAY - VISITED 3 Beautiful Girls

Want an early extra point, go send some encouragement to valtool's box!!!! - DID THAT

Also, there has been an anonymous gift donated to the hunt, valued at 50$. Details to be given!!!!

Day 2
1.) Find a blog that has a video of someone playing a sport. Can be a home video, professional video or such. Let me know if you link it on your blog. I had a hard time finding peoples links yesterday.
J. Shirley :: Blog Sample game of indoor Soccer

2)American Idol. No, you dont have to like it but a lot of Americans do. Find someone who has Sanjaya on their blog. Ask your blogrollers. Ask people who have commented on your blog. This is doable.

Idol Based Informational Nonsense

3)Give us the name of a blog that needs encouragment. Tomorrow I hope we can share some sunshine!.

Where Secrets Lie:


Day 3

1) I visited Eye of the Rainbow : Found her religious background quite interesting.

2)Find another participant that you have not read that participates in a daily meme. This is something like Monday Memories, Ten on Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, Fridays Feast or Saturdays Scavenger Hunt. Find one that you find the most creative and tell us why.
Visited Lynn's Blog : - meme is Photo Hunters
Photograph's that she has taken are not easy to take - I think she had to get creative. The subject is also interesting. Its amazing how "old" we are already.

3)There are a lot of contests out there in blogger world. Please list one that sounds interesting to you.
Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.
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