Friday, October 10, 2008

One those days

I have had one of those off days today. I almost didn't blog but I am in a swap where I have committed myself to blogging for 100 days.

I have had to bow out of a few swap due to our budget not working out and because I didn't want the pressure of being involved with any long term plans and commitments.

Better to keep stuff to a minimum while I get back onto my feet physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Went to the Polyclinic to get my cold sorted out - the over the counter medicines and herbal teas were just not getting the job done. Couldn't fall sleep last night because of the blocked nose, coughing etc...... while I was waiting for the nurse I just cried. Its the second time since I have moved here and in the same place. Now I have an appointment on my birthday - thats next Friday to talk a doctor about the small cysts in my womb - I can't just go straight to a gynaecologist. I missed my previous doctors appointment. I am really worried that I only had one menstrual cycle this year that lasted just over 7 weeks.

Well I have a apple crumble in the oven - going to have supper (tea) by a friend tonight. Busy day ahead of me tomorrow. So I just have to pull myself together and get on with living!
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