Friday, October 03, 2008

Harvest Service (festival)

This is a new concept for me. I remember reading about it in stories and hearing songs. But I have never been part of a community that really celebrates it. And not just now and again but every year. Almost every church in the area is advertising their Harvest Service. Even churches which would not normally make a big thing of Easter or Christmas because of its pagan ties. Harvest Festivals also have very deep pagan ties. Very, very interesting.

I came across a website that gives resources to schools in the UK to incorporate cultural events into the school curriculum. I really liked some of their recommended focuses and thought they were very applicable.

First was Sustainable Development (we responsible for our ecology) and Fair Trade.
We are now in a global village and very much dependent on harvest worldwide

Second was on Foreigners. I think this is another worldwide issue one that people are struggling with. Should we welcome them? - are they just draining our resources? What value do they add? etc....... They use Ruth as an example to show how important it is to make space for Foreigners.

The third ....... for the life of me I can't remember what the third point was could have been Ecology. For some reason I cannot find the original article.

So what am I doing for our harvest festival?

At then moment I preparing some crafts - making puppets and cupcakes which will go with the story i am going to tell of the The Little Red (a little different from the original version)
Also making a potato dish, salad and apple crumble (with cooking apples that were given to me) for potluck. fingers crossed that it will come out alright - besides the salad - i am trying out new recipes for the rest. As my friends know - I am no Martha Stewart.
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