Sunday, October 12, 2008

Motherhood – a Roller Coaster Ride 2008

I am going to this event. We are making a ladies night out - Going for supper first.

Is being a mum still the thrill of a lifetime? Or are you saying, “Stop the ride! I want to get off”?
photo of Dianne ParsonsDianne Parsons is your host for a frank, fun, chat-show exploration of motherhood.

“We were
all so encouraged and left having laughed so much.”

A mum after Motherhood – a Roller Coaster Ride!”
You may be a new mum who’s excited at what’s ahead; or maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever have a good night’s sleep again.

Or perhaps you suspect your teenager’s underpants are lurking under the bed until they’re ready to walk to the laundry basket themselves!

You might even be dreading the day your child leaves the nest.

Wherever you are in the roller coaster ride of motherhood, you’ll find Dianne's warmth and wisdom encouraging and life affirming. Special guests* Moya Brennan, Marion White and Jean Gibson are joining Dianne to chat about the ups and downs of life as a mum. Inspirational music from singer/songwriter Moya will be a special treat on the evening.

an illustration of a rollercoaster rideAt the end of the evening:
  • You’ll have laughed a lot
  • You’ll feel affirmed as a mum
  • You’ll know that even when your kids are driving you crazy, most of it is normal!
  • You’ll leave the motherhood guilt thing behind

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