Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Conversation on Charities

In South Africa there many organisations that do charity work. But I have never been bombarded as much as I am now by Charity orgnisations. There are so many in the UK.
I have to wonder how successfully and effective they really are in getting people in the community to support them and in carrying out their tasks. I wonder if the bombardment leads to people get so irritated or desensitised that they just ignore the notices.

People are more likely to give to an organisation that they have some connection too. I give to ones promoted in my church (Meals on Wheels, ADRA, Welfare) my daughters school (McMallian Cancer and Barnardo's Children Charity), affect/help friends and ones I have worked for or with.

Interestngly, I volunter at CAB (Citizens Advice Bereau) and quite a number of people don't realise that is a charity and not a government organisation.

Donated the money for this conversation to Habitat for Humanity. A school I taught at in Cape Town fundraised and volunteered for it.

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