Saturday, January 12, 2008

Proudly South African

I have always had this theory that the older people get the more they cling to their beliefs, if they grew up with(or converted to) a specific religious background they tend to cling to it even more when they get older.

I think the same is true for people that travel out of their own country. When I went to USA I learnt more things about my country and tried to make things that reminded me of home (I made milk tart for the first time, I remember calling my mom and my sister for directions on various recipes). I became more aware of my roots and appreciated it more.

Being involved with swap-bot has also been motivating me to find out what is truly South African, especially as far as certain products are concerned. I realise that I grew up when sanctions were pretty heavy on South Africa and remember a lot company and product names changing as we got more isolated. Now that things are open again you get overseas products coming in through or under South African Brand names. I am glad that the Proudly South African campaign exists.

"The great thing about sharing is that it reveals more of the beauty within" Simone Coetser.
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