Wednesday, January 02, 2008

100 Uses for Tins ??


I am participating in a swap where we have to use 5 things to do on Keri Smith list 100 ideas.

Now i wondered if I could think of a 100 uses.

Here we go:

1. container for jam
2. Pot plant
3. Candle holder
4. Toy - Telephone (I made this when I was a child - googled for a pattern click here)
5. Money box
6. Pencil holder
7. Glass to drink water
8. Bin
9. Tie them at the back of wedding cars
10. Recycle it
11.From the DIY network
  • Tin Can Border
  • Edge out your garden with recycled cans.
    12. Use as a lunch box
    13. Gift box.
    14 Store Biscuits etc...
    15. Soap container
    16. Use as skittles
    17. Use food cans as free weights f0r exercise
    18. Small stilts
    19. Make a utility belt.
    20. Christmas tree ornaments
    21. Trick or Treat cup: batman treat cup, cat cup
    22. Wishing well
    23.Gift Bag (Christmas Snowman Recycled Tin Can Gift Bag Containers)
    24. Tin Can People (instructions)
    25. Lantern (instructions) (
    How to Make a Tin Can Luminary )
    26. Picture frame

    Follow ideas from
    (Clever Tin Can Uses)
    27. Tomato juice cans covered in pretty fabric or ribbon make great wine holders for gifts
    Make a picnic holder from two coffee cans and four soup cans. Spray paint them in fun colors and hot glue them together. Place paper plates and napkins in the large cans and flatware in the small ones. The wind won't blow them away.
    29. Make a decorative umbrella holder from four coffee cans. Open both ends, hot glue them together end-to-end, and cover them with adhesive-backed paper. Leave the end on the bottom can for a base.
    30. Use a large coffee can to make "round" bread. Remove both ends and lay on the side while baking.
    31. Olive can electric lamp.
    32. Use as sand pit toys.
    33. Nuttoes - cook-in-a-can.
    34. Make a musical instrument - shakers
    35. Make a musical instrument- drums
    36. Fill them with little rocks and use them as maracas.

    Form a pyramid like figure with a bunch of cans to throw balls at them and win teddy bears
    37. Target practice for BB guns or sling shots.
    38. Body of a rocket.
    39. Hot Air Balloon
    40. Body of a toy car
    41. Fill with sand and use as a door stopper.
    42. Use to make christmas pudding or bake bread.
    43. Time capsule
    44. Incense Stick holder.

    Any more ideas???????
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