Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Health Update

Today I am having a 3rd hearing test by the audiologist, requested by the ENT.

My menstrual cycle has gone haywire again. It started more or else of Christmas. I would have two days of spotting every week. And then about 9 nine days ago I started bleeding every day. I feel okay at the moment. But I am remembering last year- I waited still it had been going for 5 weeks before going to the doctor when I started to feel weak etc. Then his medication only made it worse. It stopped 2 weeks later and he said my other symptoms were possible caused by a bug.

Think I might just make an appointment with him. I want to know the results from the blood work the ENT did. Hopefully I can pre-empt getting worse.

I am exercising and drinking water. I have started to lose weight. I am slowly cutting down calories. Recording my journey here: http://4daywin.blogspot.com/.
I have joined the Healthy You Challenge and the I must say that the group of ladies there are very supportive. I am enjoying reading their blogs and comments.
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