Friday, December 07, 2007

Therapeutic Reflexology

I am so excited. I met a lady, Heather, studying Therapeutic Reflexology and she was looking for case study subjects. Next week I will have a "trail" session and then if I still want to do it I will have 10 sessions over 5 weeks with her next year.

This is the information she sent me.

Therapeutic Reflexology is an effective, holistic form of foot massage. It is based on the principle that the feet represent a microcosm of the entire body. Through relaxation techniques and specific finger pressure applied to the feet, stimulation of each organ system is achieved, triggering an involuntary response in the body. Increased circulation and deep relaxation are also achieved. These factors allow and encourage the body to release built up toxins, and re-balance itself.

As it is a holistic treatment, details are recorded of medical history, diet and lifestyle. These details will help the therapist to check for contra-indications, and also create a clear picture of the person as a whole. Records will also be taken of all treatments.
A treatment is +- 60 minutes in length, with the first one being longer to allow time for completion of documentation. The treatment is mostly pleasant, but some areas could be sensitive if out of balance.

Treatment reactions vary form person to person, though some of the things that one might experience are:
Increased urination (darker & strong smelling)
Flatulence and more frequent bowel movements
Aggravated skin conditions
Increased mucus secretions

These are all normal reactions to the body's healing process and should abate within a few hours. Drinking plenty of water helps flush toxins more quickly. A nap or rest also helps.

As this is a case study, treatments cannot be skipped, or cancelled, as I need to make sure that the treatments are at regular intervals. I will also need to take photos of your feet, so that the accuracy of my treatments and findings can be checked.

Contra-indications would be:
Those suffering thrombosis (in the last 6 - 8 months)
Insulin-Dependent diabetics
Pregnant women in their first trimester
Patients with lymph cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis or epilepsy
Anyone with any kind of internal bleeding
Anyone with any inflammation of infection of the veins

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