Friday, December 14, 2007

Reflections on this past week

Wow. What a productive and great week.

I have been walking ever afternoon with my husband.

I took my daughter and some friends to Canal Walk - photos of this adventure below and more coming up soon. We were there from 10am till 3:45pm. Kids ages 1,3 and 6. They played on pirate ships, Jeandre dressed up in princess clothes, met Father christmas, Winnie Pooh and Tigger. Check out a new place - . We really felt it was worth the visit and the cost. definitely go there again despite the long drive (45min-60min depending on traffic).

Thursday we baked cookies together and watched a movie.

My new blog and weightloss program has gone well. 4 Day Win.

I have worked on my 100 Ideas swap, digital scrapbooking and website building.

Completed reading two romance books and knitted the 4 piece the poncho. Now I need to block - something I have never done before.

I am very pleased with myself. I got this morning, Exercised and drank two glasses of water.
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