Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dealing with nasty

Yesterday I wrote about the trouble that I caused. I did not go into details, cause really wants to look back and remember something like that unless maybe to learn something from it.

Well someone really got nasty and called my apology and my attempt to "correct" it , smoke and mirrors. Now I am sitting and crying wondering I should just remove myself from the group. Then someone else put into words my intention so beautifully.

There is always a danger of getting hurt and should I really let this incident ruin the good experiences that I had.

Right now I am feeling emotional, so its probably not a good state of mind to make any decisions. But if something is no longer fun, my feeling is that I should move on. What are my options:

1. Ignore and carry on as normal
2. State my opinion one more time and then forget the matter.
(I have sent one person a message, but I am not sure I want to see the reply)
3. Remove/delete that particular section.
4. Remove myself completely from the group.
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