Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog Review 3

It is a real privilege for me to review Rachel’s Blog. She and her husband created and run swap-bot – WOW.

This blog has been up and running since November 2003. It’s the longest running blog that I have come across. I know some bloggers just stop writing or remove their blogs (I have), so I think that is pretty amazing.

Rachels own description of her blog sums it up very nicely : It is a combination journal, scrapbook, portfolio, and family newsletter. I update it (almost) daily and I like to use lots of images.

I like her blog layout and design. Found another I idea might use in the future – Face Book link. She has all the right “bells and whistles” as Critique My Blog would say.

Very interesting blog, some of the post made me laugh, others gave good craft ideas. Overall Rachel is a very talented and interesting person and this is reflected in her blog. So I invite to meet Rachel and be prepared to be inspired.

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