Monday, August 13, 2007


Spending time with my friends and family this past few days has helped me gain some clarity and perspective. They also just showered me with so many blessings in form of material goods and advise.
I wonder how I could have ever felt so lonely and at the point of giving up when I have people who love me and are ready and willing to support me.

I am sitting here wondering why do negative thoughts seem to have more "power" or carry more weight than positive ones.

I have been feeling unhappy for a while and constantly I am made aware that my throat chakra is unbalance (emotional balance and communication). After this weekend I finally came to a decision about work - I am sure that the profession that I am in is the right one for me - I believe its my calling. Due to various circumstance and my way of thinking about issues have brought me to a point in my career that I am not happy. Today I spoke for myself. I am not sure what is going to happen. Somehow I don't feel relieved. I have a headache and I just feel like crying.

I wish that the gratitude to those who have blessed me - gratitude for the courage to make a decision, to speak for myself will just continue to wash over me and wash away the pain and sadness.
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