Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday, I found the courage to pick up some knitting that I abandoned because I had lost the pattern. My friend Ruth gave me some advice a while ago on how to complete it without the pattern - just reduce.
I was too scared to mess up and kept hoping that I would find the pattern.

Yesterday morning I spoke to a group of kids and I encouraged them to choose life - to choose to have fun and get high - to influence each other in a way that makes our community stronger.

I have heard the words - don't be scared to make mistakes they are a part of learning.

So I thought to myself, if it does not work out, I can rip it and do it again.

Within a few hours I completed the hat for husband [it fits his head, stretchy sock wool] - it matches the scarf I made a while ago. It looks better on my daughter (hehehehe).
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