Friday, August 31, 2007

300 Posts

WOW - I have reached post 301. 5626 Hits.

So the question that I am asking myself is........... how have I changed, what have I changed?

I have dyed my hair, managed to grow it longer.
I have lost 4.5 kg and about 10cm round my waist.

Physical Habits: I starting walking again, exercise more regularly and drink water. Eating slighlty healthier.

I have met people who have spiritually enriched me. Encouraged me and inspired me. I have not really explored my own spiritual beliefs in my own blog but reading others have touched me.

That is bit scary, I do not see too much growth. I see a yoyo between positive and negative thinking.

I have definitely explored and grown in this area the most. I have learnt things about the internet, computers, photography, knitting (Tks to knitting bloggers).
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