Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Exploring My Thoughts

I am sure you have heard about "the Secret". I have watched the DVD twice.A few weeks ago when I felt myself on the verge slipping into depression I went to my doctor and as part of my non-drug program he suggested that I read the book "the Secret".

It was sold out. I also felt that it was bit expensive - still figuring out how to pay the doctors bill.
Well, miracles of miracles, a friend bought the book and has lent it to me -TODAY.
I am only on page 8, so far it seems to be word for word the script of the DVD.

While reading a few thoughts came to mind.

1. If this is true then my thoughts are pretty scary and I am attracting depression and disaster
into my life.

2. To change my thought patterns - do I pretend or ignore my feeling and emotions. Or is this dishonest and counter productive. Or do i project want I really want even though I am not there yet or feel like that and as I project it will it really create an atmosphere for it to become true?

3. I really want to be happy
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