Thursday, April 03, 2008

Post 501

I think should be celebrate the fact that I have stuck to this blog for 501! posts. Well while I think about ............

I have spent the evening making handmade postcards and bookmarks with my daughter. She is in her first two postcard swaps with Swapbot. She is so excited she is writing about it in her journal!
We are also including bought postcards. Her partner is also 7 years old. Her other swap is to a sister and brother in California who are home schooled and are collecting postcards from all over the world.

This morning we went to Gordons Bay with her friends: Cayden (almost 2), Jared (4) and Michael (6 turning 7 - his also known as Bobo and his from China), to collect shells. Then we went to Caydon and Jared's house to swim and had a picnic on the lawn. Afterwards they watched a movie.

She and Bobo (Michael) went to play with Elenora (she is from Italy).

All in all a very active and fun day!
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