Thursday, April 24, 2008

100 Things I have Accomplished

1. Learning to read and write

2. Completing primary school education close to the top of my grade

3. Completing High School education 3rd in my grade.

4. A symbols for Mathematics and Biology.

5. Made up some songs for the cheerleading squad.

6. Wrote my own poetry and was published in the University poetry book.

7. Carried the torch in Durban that was taken to Woman’s Beijing conference 1995.

8. Got my drivers license.

9. Got PDF license – drove a 15 seater combi with passengers.

10. Got an international drivers license and drove safely on the opposite side of the road.

11. Completed my BA degree Education and History majors.

12. Completed my professional qualification for teaching.

13. AuPaired in the USA for a year.

14. Teaching Mathematics certificate

15. Compu Typing certificate

16. Computer Application technology certificate

17. Career Guidance Education certificate.

18. Breathe Free certificate.

19. Helped people to stop smoking

20. Public speaking in various places

21. Performance poetry in the Durban City Hall

22. Sang in the choir in primary school for the mayor of Durban

23. Was a litter monitor in primary school.

24. Represented the school in DYIC

25. I became the Vice chairperson for DYIC

26. Involved in organizing and running youth participation in contributing to South Africa’s Constitution.

27. Part of the training team that went to do Youth training inland Kwa Zulu Natal

28. Part of the mission team to Malawi.

29. Completed a number of 5km Fun Run/Walks

30. Completed a 5km walk in 49min.

31. Completed a 1km open swim race.

32. Helped organize a 48 Indoor Cricket tournament to fundraise money for Charity.

PR and administration of charity event for Reach for A Dream i.e. Organise Action cricket teams, sponsors, media coverage, typing and faxing of minutes, setting up meetings, banking, invoicing, collecting prizes and

cheques, progress reports and project evaluation

33. Learned American Sign Language.

34. Volunteers in Public Service (US)1997-1998

35. Top Chess female player in my school.

36. Toured with Mayville youth group – I played the role of Judas in the play.

37. I received total in my drama class for the Judas monologue.

38. Got married in 1999.

39. I am still married.

40. Had one daughter (emergency Caesar)

41. Breastfed her for 11months despite having inverted nipples.

42. Doing Missionary work in Malawi for a month.

43. Helping setting up and running a Technology Lab at Mangosuthu Technikonvia PROTEC – Programmes for Technology training ( I was 19 years old).

44. The same year I also gave a fundraising presentation to important people in Big business.

45. First Aid certificate twice.

46. Helped several people to stop smoking through talks I gave in various churches in our community.

47. I helped some learners to stop smoking by running a Breathe Free program.

48. Learned to Belly Dance.

49. Learned and performed Liturgical Dance.

50. Won a talent contest playing the recorder.

51. Won a group talent contest for modeling.

52. Been part of a drum circle.

53. As a child I recited all 13 memory verses learned in the space of 13 weeks in front the church.

54. Preached in various churches.

55. Led the AIDs awareness campaign in 1992 which led to our school winning the first trophee for the best campaign and most signatures of the community (my mother was not very happy with the bags of condoms given to us – I had to keep it until school opened again.)

56. I was elected to the position of deputy head prefect in our school.

57. PRO of the prefect body

58. DUX award

59. Teenagers Against Drug Abuse (TADA)

Vice-Chairperson in 1991

60. Chairperson 1992

61. PRO 1993

Church positions

62. Youth Leader 1999

63 Adventurer Director (Ages 0-9) 2000

64. Family Life Director 2000, 2001

65. Children’s Ministries Director for Conference 2001

66. Beginners Teacher 2003- 2008

67. Pre-Adventurer Co-ordinator 2006

68. Environmental Club

Vice-Chairperson of Organisation 1990

69. Chairperson 1991

70. SCA - School Christian Association

Member, Media committee 1991-1993


Member (DBN Westville University) 1994

Got a sponsorship for one their projects

72. Nature Guide at Bendigo Reserve 2001

73. Modelled Miladies Clothes for Woman’s event 2001

73. Assisting with organising sports events 1995, 1996

74. Tutoring Maths, English, Physics and History 1995-1997 and 2007

75. Facilitator at Bergville Winter School 1993

76. Basic Science Certificate 2005 Physiology

77. Took a group of drama students to Botswana to perform and promote our boarding school.

78. Successful set a number of blogs.

79. Have my own website.

80. Forgiving my Father

81. Facilitating a school magazine at two of the schools that I have worked in.

82. Ran a Career Expo at DBN Westville University for High School Students 1994.

83. Climbing up Lion’s Head.

84. Abseiling

85. canoeing and swimming

86. Roller-skating and Ice Skating

87. Riding Bike (still not very good with hills – going up or going down) prefer riding on the beach front where it is flat.

88. Rode a camel once – Really scary when it gets up and its time to get off.

89. Worked as an Educational officer for 4 months for WESSA- Wildlife and Environment society of South Africa:

Plan, Organise and Run leadership and Environmental Education camps, document impacts of Outcomes Based Education in practical field work. Training of educators in Outcomes Based Education and Environmental Education.

90. Head of Department of Extra Mural Activities at Sedaven High School – and I am very proud of the fact that many of the things I established as the first HOD are still in place after I left.

91. Made a DVD for mom for her birthday – it was quite a project and real trial and error. Scanned in photos and put it to music.

92. Did a 3 day hiking trail – in Mpumalanga.

93. My daughter stayed with my sister for those 3 days which was another accomplishment for her and for me. She was 2 ½ years old.

94. Knitting socks.

95. Trying out new crafts in 2006/7 including ATC’s , card making, bead making, scrapbooking and Digital scrapbooking. Then actually swapping my crafts.

96. Completing 9 100 lists.

97. Maintaining a perfect 5 score after 67 swaps.

98. Making the top 7 a side Girls soccer team that played in the boys tournament (also played soccer for the school team)

99. Choosing life – even when I have felt down and felt like giving up.

100. Recently passed the IETLS exam to get a visa to go work in Ireland. Fingers crossed that my next accomplishments will be traveling through the Irish country (hopefully Europe too – will be a dream come true), study more (want my get my honours, masters and eventually doctorate in Education) and serving the community.

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