Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Heads - Express

Heads or Tails hosted by Skittle

I have really being enjoying taking photographs. When my husband suggested that we get something more expensive I was resistant to the idea. I did not see photography as a hobby that I wanted to develop. I just wanted to capture some special moments and places. Plus I have started hobbies before, spent money on them and then not continued with them with the same passion. In fact I have even given away some of the tools and "materials" I have bought.

I have not written a poem since 1999. But recently I have felt that I should write something to go with the photographs that I have taken.

When I saw the prompt Express, my immediate thought was I need to take a photograph and express it in words. So I think I am going to play another game - Unconscious Mutterings i.e. write the first few things that come to my mind when I look at this particular photograph.........


Natures climbing gym


Be brave, be strong

You can do it!

See the head and the tail - what can it be
A big Whale!

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