Saturday, April 12, 2008

Journalling with the Modern Day Goddess

I received my journal about 3 to 4 weeks ago. I didn't start it for 2 reasons. I had a lot of other books I was and when I read the first page I had just nothing to write.

Today I attended a workshop dealing with the topic of spirituality and solitude. I needed to take a notebook with. I could not find my notebook so I took my Journal for the Modern Goddess. And WOW was that the right thing to do!

I knew that I needed to start dreaming again I needed to new life vision. I had reached the point where I have basically reached all the goals I had set out for myself as a teenager. Now that I am married and have a child I found it more difficult to do. My husband and I used to regularly relook, rethink and dream together about the future. But since we have been here in Cape Town its been harder. I have had to deal with a lot of 'other' stuff that has taken a lot of our energy.

At the end of last year I finally felt I had reached a point where I am ready and need a change and my husband felt the same. I also felt myself hesitant, almost too scared to dream too big. Even with this possible move to Ireland, I have felt myself holding myself back. Not wanting to get too excited because I did not want to be disappointed. Now its just one more letter and our application is ready to handed in to the British High Commission. We have a house to rent and a school for my daughter.

Today in the community of solitude I had a break through and I know that I will be using my journal everyday.

Thank you Nicole and Tara for the tools, thank you Gordon for creating the environment for my breakthrough.

The Simone's caterpillar is stepping into the cocoon.
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