Monday, June 14, 2010

Theme a Day Entry 19

21) Describe your favorite place to write in your journal and why it's your favorite. If you don't normally keep a journal, like myself, Describe your favorite place to just get away from it all. Someplace you like to be by yourself!

There a few spots I enjoy.

The first is the couch by the window in our lounge. I enjoy relaxing on it, looking out the window, sipping coffee and writing or reading or think or just be.
Why? Its comfortable, close by and makes me feel like i am in a dream......

I also enjoy walking in Huntly Wood - being the forest area and near the river. I love being near water to think, write , feed my soul. It can be a beach, dam, river etc.
I find the sound of the water and nature very soothing and comforting. Looking at water is also very meditative for me - it makes me feel energized and hopeful.
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