Monday, June 14, 2010

Theme A Day e-Journal Entry 18

11) Write about what scares you.

I am and have always been scared of being misunderstood, being judged harshly.

There are a few things that scare me but I try not to let them inhibit me. I scared of looking down from high up - I just get this overwhelming feeling that i must throw myself over - it scares me that one day I would do it- just because....

I scared of big spiders but I will get a broom and sweep it out.
Snakes scare me. i had a friend that had pet snakes and I had it on my arm, it really feels weird, like it could just wrap itself round your arm and stop the blood from flowing.

I really get scared and freeze up when a child - especially my own child gets hurt or really sick. i have done First Aid training but it just all flies out of my head.

ooh I could go on and on but I really don't want to.
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