Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Theme a day e-Journal Entry 14

19) List 10 things that you would love to do someday.

mmmm This is a difficult one for me because I have done almost everything I wanted to do like visit Paris, do an Open Swim, a 3 day hike etc....

1. Write a book. (working on it but keep getting distracted by life - hehehehehe)

2. Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

3. Bring my mother over to Europe for a 6 month visit.

4. Go on a Spa Holiday.

5. Doing something that will leave a positive legacy.

6. Go on a Pony Trek

7. Do a volunteer trip somewhere in the world example - help build a house or teach etc......

8. Sleep in a Tree house resort or camp.

9. Get a hot stone massage

10. Do a walking tour of Belfast.

I thought this list was interesting:

10 Things Everyone Should Have Done Before 31

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